Current Clinical Research Projects

As a cardiology practice, we strive to be at the forefront of medical advances, and to that end, we have been active in medical research for over 30 years. Medical research advances treatment and ultimately improves the quality and duration of life. It takes patients as well as doctors participating in research to bring forward medical advances. 

FAST-CTO: Facilitated Antegrade Steering Technique in Chronic Total Occlusions

A prospective, non-randomized, multicenter study in patients with completely blocked coronary arteries known as chronic total occlusions. The study involves research of three new medical devices. We are one of 15 sites participating in this FDA approved US Trial with Dr. R. Michael Wyman as Principal Investigator.

RESOLUTE: The Medtronic RESOLUTE US Clinical Trial

A Clinical Evaluation of the new Endeavor Resolute stent using a new polymer with the drug eluting stent for reduction of renarrowing in the coronary arteries over time. We are one of 135 sites with Dr. Ankush Chhabra as Principal Investigator.

Amgen Fourier Study

A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter study assessing the impact of additional LDL cholesterol reduction on major Cardiovascular events when AMG 145 is used in combination with Statin Therapy in patients with clinically evident Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. James H. French is the Principal Investigator.

Janssen Scientific Affairs Orbit-AFII Study

An Observational Registry for patients who have been recently diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm (atrial fibrillation) or are being treated with newer anti-coagulant drugs (blood thinners) for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Dr. Ramakrishna T.N. Reddy and Dr. James H. French are the Principle Investigators.

DART (Diagnosing Adverse Drug Reaction Registry)

Evaluating the relationship between adverse drug reactions and an individual's genetic makeup. 


A study in Non Valvular Atrial Fibrillation Patients with severely impaired renal function. 


To find out if you are eligible for enrollment in a Clinical Research Project, please contact any of the following offices.

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